Notes from the Lord British trial

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Notes from the Lord British trial

Postby KDSonoma » Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:00 pm

I found this gem on my hard drive. I think they were typed up by the judge of the ingame trial we did years ago (Judge Maddwg). We ran an ingame pursuit of Lord British as a traitor to the people of Sonoma (per the KD story), and after 6 or 7 events where we tracked clues and eventually arrested LB ingame. Then we had a rp trial, with all the roles up for grabs to be roleplayed by the players as they saw fit (nothing was scripted). It was a blast, and we had prosecuting and defense attorneys, a judge, many witnesses were called, etc. Reds regularly attended the trial in fel Court of Truth. Only once did a fight break out and the judge recessed until the next night. I think we had 8 or 9 trial events over the course of a month, and in the end LB was sent to a medical facility (see the end of the notes for the results).

"LB trial

Defense requests dismissal of charges – judge is not legally allowed to hear the case
Judge Maddwg denies the request to dismiss the case, citing Sonoma common law that allows special judges to be charged with hearing cases involving crimes against the people
Prosecutor calls first witness – witness details friends struck down by LB guards without a trial
On cross examination, defense asks if the witness ever saw any guards representing the king to protect the people – witness says “PAS guards are always around, although the need for them before LB showed up was not urgent, as the people were safe in towns already?
Prosecutor calls next witness – witness says they were part of LBs private army and was there when Xanadu was raised to the ground, and LB just watched.
Defense cross examination – wasn’t it actually Blackthorn that stood by as Xanadu was raised to the ground? Witness appears slightly confused on the battle details.
Prosecutor calls next witness – a crazy old man that tends to throw his hat down to emphasize some of his ramblings. The bailiffs try to remove the hat, but the old man continues to throw the hat down throughout his testimony. Old man says that he witnessed the battle of vesper and heard LB order his troops to hold outside the city as the people were killed by monsters. He also witnessed the arrival of PAS and described how PAS entered the town and saved thousands of citizens from certain death.
Defense cross examination – from certain death? How could the old man judge that? Old man throws his hat down again and says dagnabbit, anyone about to be killed by monsters sure knows the difference between their own life and death.
Prosecutor calls next witness – old lady says that she saw a note from LB to one of his henchmen that ordered the henchmen to find and kill any PAS royal guards, and any members of the royal family.

LB jumps up and yells “you’ll be sorry you ever said that!” and has to be restrained by bailiffs and defense attorney

Old lady continues to describe the contents of the letter.

Defense attorney on cross exam – where is this letter? Old lady says she does not know, but she was able to read the letter in detail when the henchmen left it on the tavern chair for a few moments. So you cannot produce the letter? How interesting.

Other witnesses – PAS member that was there when LB was captured – saw the stitching on his boots and gloves – very unique.

Other witness – lady who stitched the boots and gloves for LB – admitted nothing

Defense – doctor who testifies that KD is mad (courtroom erupts) – judge – KD is not on trial here
Defense – guard that testifies that he never saw any guard hurt any citizen
LB takes the stand – rambles and has fits of rage – demands a new defense attorney – judge declines
LB tries to escape – bailiffs stop him
Jury – had 3 person jury but they were all called away on business, judge will decide the case, defense objects, overruled
Final verdict – some of the evidence produced by prosecutors is shaky at best. LB clearly exhibited unusual behavior, judge declares him a danger to the people, but does not agree with the crimes against the people charge. Sentences LB to a medical prison to seek help. Term is life sentence, but the judge allows for the prison warden to recommend release if LB can be helped and deemed no longer a threat to the people"

The whole series of events was so popular, we decided to chase after Blackthorne (with an e) :)

We captured him and decided against a costly, lengthy trial rofl and just delivered him to the same medical facility way up in the mountains somewhere. We even had an event where we found out LB and LBs minions were going to try to break them out of the facility. Now THAT was a difficult location to come up with for an event. And yep, PAS killed the lamers trying to spring them.


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